Just hanging out!

For guests interested in trying out abseiling, we have a 8 meter high abseiling platform supported by two tall and sturdy trees as pillars. Our trained abseiling staff will happily instruct you in using correct and safe abseiling methods, especially if it is your first time in trying out the activity.


Sounds like fun, how do I get started?

Interested adventurers can request to use the abseiling wall by talking to any of our friendly onsite staff.
You will be charged a small fee (BND $10) for 15 minutes usage of the Abseiling Wall, training in usage of abseiling equipment and rental of equipment.


Which packages include the abseiling activity?

Our Teambuilding package will typically include abseiling.
With full safety apparatus included and our trained staff at hand, abseiling is an adventure activity for the daring!


Is there an age limit to abseiling?

We would not recommend any children younger than 8 as they may not fit in our children’s safety harness. There is no upper age limit!


I have a question…

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly! 🙂