Just looking to have an exhilarating canoe ride down the Temburong River!

Do you enjoy canoeing? Experience hassle-free canoeing in the Temburong river without having to lug your canoe all the way to our resort!

The waters of the Temburong River are great for canoeing at your own pace, with 2-3 rapids on your way down to our resort.

This activity will take around 1 hour to complete.


Sounds like fun, how do I get started?

Interested guests can either book ahead of time using the Booking Form, or request to attempt Canoeing by talking to any of our friendly onsite staff.
This adventure activity is subject to favorable weather conditions and requires at least 2 participants to begin, if not already included in your package. As an addon, Canoeing costs $25 BND per person.


Can I do canoeing on its own, without a package?

Yes you can! The costs will vary based on the number of participants canoeing, please contact us via the Booking Form to clarify pricing 🙂


I have another question…

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly! 🙂