Nestled in the Ulu Temburong’s National Park is the jewel in its crown – The Canopy Walk.

To reach this grand structure that stands 43 meters tall (at its highest tower), adventurers must climb a set of stairs about 746 steps high, on a hill 950 meters high.

At the base of the 43-meter high Canopy Walk!

Upon reaching the tower and making your way to the top, you will be greeted by a view unrivalled in majesty and greenery, of Brunei’s primary forest.

Key times of day to visit the Canopy Walk are during sunrise and sunset, when mist enshrouds the forest, and the various calls of animals leave you with an unforgettable experience of peace and serenity.

Brunei Darussalam is one of three countries (the other two being neighbours Indonesia and Malaysia), that are part of a unique project that aims to conserve almost 30% of the world’s pristine tropical rainforest. This ongoing project is known as the ‘Heart of Borneo’.

[This activity is included in both our Introductory Daytrip Visit PackageImmersive Overnight Stay Package and 3D2N Invigorating Retreat Package.]


Can I visit the National Park on my own (i.e. not part of any package)?

Yes, you can book a visit to the National Park and Canopy Walk, accompanied with our guide. We charge BND 90 per person (includes visit to National Park, Canopy Walk, and nearby waterfall), with a minimum requirement of 2 persons (or charge of BND 180).

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