10 meter high Climbing Wall

For both beginners and intermediate wall climbers alike, we have built our own 10 meter high custom climbing wall onside at Trandie. There are various paths to reach the top, so you get to challenge your physical and mental dexterity!

Sounds like fun, how do I get started?

Interested adventurers can request to attempt wall climbing by talking to any of our friendly onsite staff. Depending on whether or not it is included in your package, you may be charged a small fee (BND $10) for 15 minutes usage of the wall and climbing equipment.

We will provide you with: a safety harness, carabiner, figure-8, belaying rope, trained belaying staff and climbing chalk.

Which packages include Wall Climbing?

Wall climbing is usually included in our Teambuilding packages.

I have a question…

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly! 🙂