Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello there! These are most of the frequently asked questions from our guests, before they book with us. If your question hasn’t been answered in this section, just email us your enquiry at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any urgent enquiries, you can always call our local line at +673 5250066/77 or whatsapp us at +6737193179 

Bookings & Payment

What forms of payment do you accept for booking your trips and packages?

We accept credit card payments through our secure online payment processor, bank transfers, as well as cash payments ahead of time at our office in Telanai. Once you fill in the form on the bookings page and we have confirmed your trip, we will email you an invoice with details on how to pay online.

Will you accept foreign currency as payment onsite? If so, which currencies do you accept?

We can accept the Singaporean dollar (at a 1:1 BND rate), the American dollar (at a 1:1.35 BND rate), the Euro (at a 1:1.65 BND rate) and the Malaysian ringgit (at a 1 BND:3.0 rate). These rates are correct at the time of printing and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations. We will only accept notes (no coins) and any change due will be paid in Brunei money.

What is the latest time that I can make a booking?

We strongly recommend that you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment as we conduct training and team building packages onsite as well (and thus might not be able to accommodate you due to logistical reasons).

If I cancel my booking, will I be refunded?

Any cancellation of packages by Guests should be done by email, addressed to
Please note – cancellation of Guests’ packages will only be valid once we receive the Cancellation email from said Guest, and have sent confirmation of cancellation to said Guest’s email address.

Cancellation fees are as below:

Number of days before package start date
Cancellation fee
3-7 days 50% of total package cost
0-2 days 100% of total package cost
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of our Booking Page for more details regarding refunds, cancellation fees and refund times.

Do I need a visa to visit Brunei?

Please refer to the wiki page for lists of countries requiring visas to enter Brunei. We also strongly recommend checking with your local Bruneian embassy if you are even slightly unsure about visa requirements for your home country.

Directions & Transport

What if my flight/boat to Brunei is delayed and I might not be able to start the package on time?

Please notify us by phone (office number +673 5250066/77 or mobile number +673 7193179- Zati) as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements.

What happens if I am unable to get back to Bandar in time for my flight/boat ride?

This has not happened to any of our guests before as we are committed to getting you back to Bandar on time, every time. That said, should the unthinkable happen and you miss your flight/boat ride, we will do all in our power to get you on the next available flight/boat ride.

How do I get to your resort from […]?
  1. From Bandar, there are two main ways to get to Trandie: Use the local boat from the Temburong jetty (in Bandar). This is the default method of traveling to Temburong in our packages. The standard one way boat fare, to or from Bangar (town of Temburong district) is $7 Brunei Dollars. The price of your return trip will be covered if you buy any of our packages coming from Bandar, and we will include these instructions in our email should you purchase a package. From the Bangar jetty, we will pick you up by van and take a 20 minute trip to the lodge.
  2. Use own land transport to cross through the Malaysian state of Limbang to reach Temburong. This usually takes about 2-3 hours, depending on the state of traffic. We can guide you on how to use this route through whatsapp or email, but we would highly recommend using your own GPS system or app (Waze) especially if you are unfamiliar with this route.
What is the earliest/latest time I can take a boat to/from the Temburong district?

There are four companies that operate boats traveling to and from Bandar. From either jetty, the earliest boat is usually 6:45 AM and the latest is 5:00 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Malay functions and weddings, the boats might be fully chartered out on Friday and Sunday afternoons, so we recommend you bring your passports in case we need to take you back to Bandar using the land route (through Malaysia). This route usually takes about 2 hours to complete.

Food, Catering, and Special needs

Can you cater for specific dietary/personal requirements?

Yes, we can. Please include a note in your booking form should you have a specific meal requirement or any other special considerations necessary for you.

Is your kitchen Halal certified?

Yes, it is, and all the food we serve is Halal.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

We generally do not recommend you bring food and drink as we do not provide storage or refrigeration facilities for guests. Also, since we are in the jungle, even small bits and pieces of food scattered on the floor can attract ants and pests within the hour.
That said, you can bring your own drinks, as long as it is not alcoholic in nature. We also recommend not storing food in your room as it may lead to an ant infestation.

What meals are included in my package?

We will serve you 3 square meals a day for overnight trips and longer stays. For day trips, we will provide you with lunch. All of our packages include coffee and tea breaks as well. Our meals are a mix of local and Western flavours. We also do specialty meals by request and by season, some are listed on our program itineraries – but please send us an email if you are curious to know more.

Are your facilities wheelchair/disabled-friendly?

At the moment, our facilities are not wheelchair/disabled friendly due to the necessity of steps to reach our jetty. Nonetheless, please contact us anyway to see what is possible and what we can arrange for your trips needs.

Facilities & Accommodation

Do you have running water, electricity, air-conditioning and internet?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!

Do you have modern toilets and showers?

Yes we do. Alternatively, you could always take a quick dip in the nearby river.

What facilities do you have onsite?

You can look through our Adventure Activities page, as well as Accommodation page to see what we have available. In addition, we have our own jetty by the Temburong river to launch our boats.

Can I camp outdoors?

Yes! We have an onsite camping facility, as well as another across the river and in the middle of the jungle. You can choose the camping option in the Booking Form.

What can I get up to in my free time?

Here are a few time tested suggestions:

  • Waking up early to see the misty sunset rise across the treetops
  • Go for a cool and refreshing swim in the nearby river~~~
  • Try out our awesome adventure activities
  • Bird watching
  • Visit our unique Brunei-Borneo Orchid Garden, Medicinal and Herbal Garden, Local fruits and Veggies Garden
  • See if you can spot our mascot, the gliding gecko, around our compound
  • At night, the fireflies tend to come out around the forested parts of the compound – a beautiful, and rare sight for most people
Will I be kept awake by the sounds of nature?

Usually (and surprisingly), it is quite quiet most nights

Things to pack and wear while in Brunei/Trandie/the jungle

What do I need to pack for my trip to Brunei/Trandie/the jungle?

Once you have booked your trip with us, we will send you a list of things to bring along with you. In general the most essential things to bring are: Sunscreen (30 SPF or higher), long sleeved pants and shirts for jungle trekking, at least 2 changes of clothes (as it can get quite hot and humid over here), insect repellent, sunglasses/cap (for the high heat), toiletries and your medication (if you have any sort of medical condition).

Optional: Bring a small torch light for night activities.

What clothing is suitable for Brunei/Trandie/the jungle?

As the local law is Syariah (Islamic), we would recommend wearing modest (i.e. non-revealing) outfits in Brunei. In the jungle and around Trandie, shorts are fine. Please [contact us] if you would like further clarification. In addition, we recommend clothing and shoes that dry quickly as we experience unforeseen showers now and again.

Local wildlife, Safety & Emergencies

I’m going to be living in the jungle… Will I end up being a snack for the local flora and/or fauna?

Not likely, as the bigger and ‘wilder’ animals live deep in the heart of the jungle (which is quite a distance from our lodge). However, we recommend that you look out for red ‘fire’ ants, as these will leave a nasty burning sensation for a while (around 15 minutes), should they bite you. If you see any potentially dangerous animal on site or while in the jungle, please inform any of our staff as they will know what to do/not do.

Has anyone been hurt or injured while visiting the jungle?

We have had guests who experienced minor injuries like cuts, scrapes and bruises – nothing major. We highly recommend being present and aware of your surroundings while jungle trekking, but our guides will definitely point out any potential accidents waiting to happen.

Are your staff certified in first aid and trained to deal with emergencies?

Yes, we have always have certified staff in First Aid treatment on site.

Where/how far away is the nearest hospital?

The nearest hospital is 15 km or 25 minutes away by car. It is equipped with emergency facilities. In extreme cases, we can also call a helicopter in to transport accidental cases to Bandar’s main hospital for urgent, life-or-death cases.

Am I insured if I should encounter any sort of injury onsite Trandie or in the jungle?

Should you encounter a serious injury on Trandie’s property, we have 3rd party coverage. However, we currently do not have coverage outside our property and we highly recommend you purchase travel or personal insurance before traveling to Brunei

What will happen in case of bad weather?

Should the weather turn unexpectedly bad while in Temburong (e.g. heavy thunderstorms with lightning), we will provide you with an alternative itinerary based on your package.

Local laws, common courtesies and general does and don’ts

Are there any things I should know before entering the jungle?

Not to say that we are superstitious, but there have been multiple verified reports of people entering the jungle and witnessing events that are either highly mystifying or mysterious. That said, the belief here is that the jungle is home to things that the naked eye usually can’t see – and should you happen across such a sight, just keep to yourself and ignore it (at least until you get out of the jungle).

What common courtesies are local to Brunei?

If you need to point, point with your thumb and not your index finger.

Some local words that will definitely put a smile on local faces are ‘terima kasih’ (thank you), ‘maaf’ (excuse me), ‘sama-sama’ (you’re welcome) and the ever important ‘mana tandas?’ (where’s the toilet?)

As a general rule in Brunei, tips are not compulsory but they are most welcomed.

Alcohol sale and consumption in public or on Trandie’s premises is not allowed and doing so might result in jail time and/or a fine.

If visiting a local mosque, please check with your tour guide to see what times are available for public viewing. Inappropriate clothing will result in you having to wear a black robe for the time being while in the mosque.

Cameras and photography are generally allowed, except while in mosques and museums.


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